Illegal Immigration — Irritating on Both Sides

As a progressive-conservative liberal-socialist, I get it.
Illegal immigration sucks.

Countries nearest America are experiencing a mass exodus of citizens who leap over fire, bridges, barbed-wire and alligator moats to get here.  No slow filter, no introductions, no comfort for the metathesiophobe. Even more irritating is the fact that same individuals who come here illegally stage protests to stay, but never protested in the countries from whence they ran. There hasn’t been one “Mexican Spring” for the posterity of Mexico. There are also more than a few who receive state benefits that are supposed to be set aside as a safety net for citizens.

It’s been said that America has had a faulty immigration and border control system for awhile now.  The cracks were most evident in parts of the country where migrant workers had been favored for many of America’s less than glamorous jobs — the positions that were typically relegated to the marginalized poor, a group the country was used to ignoring. It wasn’t until the US’s proverbial well started to run dry did the jobs issue become pressing. Like the Sneetches of lore, our failing economy began sorting the middle-class into piles on either end of the socioeconomic spectrum; inflating the group in need of those “last resort” gigs.

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What are the rules to breaking up?

It seems like whenever you hit a rough patch in your relationship substitutions begin to appear out of nowhere. The shear number of options has left many people, especially men, with the easier solution of replacing the one you’re with instead of retracing your steps to see where you guys fell out of sync. In these times, you’re likely to get more loyalty from a pet than a partner making break-ups almost inevitable. With that said, what are the rules to breaking up?


Eat, Pray, Love — The Sour Grapes and Hard Cheese ed.

Like the great pre and pro-historic civilizations that had come before me, I was experiencing life’s hardships and had exhausted my own understanding. My dead end job and newly deceased love life were sapping my vivacious character.

“You used to be much more…muchier. You’ve lost your muchness.” (The Mad Hatter to Alice, 2010)

Indeed, I had lost my muchness. Metaphorically I was lost in an abyss of questions and failed remedies to my perceived bad luck. Had it not been for the daily nagging sadness and anxiety, I would have been emotionally void as well. In short, I was a far cry from Micawber and needed a solution to my problems. - cue tiny violin -

Keeping in form with desperate civilizations everywhere, I turned to the spirit world for guidance. A set of tarot cards and a bag of energy rocks later I was still at my wit’s end. Eventually, I began searching for online applications to the nearest mosque, temple or monastery. A veil or hijib seemed a small price to pay for happiness; I had grown tired of combing my hair anyway, so it seemed a win-win.

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